Google updates YouTube app on iOS

YouTube app on iOS

Google has brought out an update to its YouTube app on iOS. This will be the company’s first update to a major Google iOS application since December. There were speculations that Google has delayed or stalled the updates to its major iOS apps to evade Apple’s stringent privacy policies. Google has declined to affirm this.

YouTube update

As per 9to5Google, YouTube’s last update on iOS was on December 7. The latest update started to roll out on February 13. The release, however, does not give too much information.

“Fixed bugs, improved performance, drank way too much coffee,” says the update that brings the version to 15.49.6.

The report also goes on to note that Google had also updated its YouTube apps (Music, YV, and Studio) in early February in line with Apple’s new privacy policies.

What are Apple’s privacy policies

In December last year, Apple introduced new privacy policy labels on the App Store. Essentially, these labels are an easy-to-view summary of data in any form that an application that collects from users.

All the applications on the App Store need to show this privacy information. It applies to all major Apple platforms that include iPhones, iPads, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. And, this includes Apple’s own apps are required to show the labels.

What is the controversy

Facebook was one of the first companies that objected to Apple’s new privacy labels. The company further said that Apple’s privacy update could well limit its ad targeting capabilities.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg even took a jab at Apple where he said that the iPhone maker was fast becoming a competitor. Zuckerberg pointed out that Apple “has every incentive” to use the platform to interfere with how rival apps work.

“Apple may say that they are doing this to help people, but the moves clearly track their competitive interests,” Zuckerberg during a call with investors recently.

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