Google working on its own debit card: Report

Google debit card

As per reports, Google is working on its own debit card which will be made available as physical as well as virtual debit cards. Images of Google’s debit card were spotted first TechCrunch and the images make the product very convincing.

Well, these are not the final designs Google Card but then, there are enough hints about the same. The physical Google debit card will display the user’s name on top and there will be the bank’s name at the bottom. It will also be a chip card and will be powered by VISA. Users can load the card with money from their bank accounts in order to buy products.

Google’s debit card will work through a Google app and there will be transactional features like checking the account balance, locking the account and it will also keep a tab on the purchases. Well, this is not like the Google Pay app, but then the report also says that the debit card will come integrated with it. Google Pay, in India, allows users to send and receive money through UPI, pay bills and it can also transfer money as well.

Now, this Google’s debit card can also be used as a physical card, smartphone app and as well as online transaction. Not, only this, it will also offer support contactless payments. The virtual card which will be present on the phone can also be used as Bluetooth to make mobile payments, while the number can also be used for online or in-app payments.

Google has already entered partnership with CITI and Stanford Federal Credit Union for its card but it is also in talks to rope in several more banks in the future. Google has also not denied any such report, and this could well provide mettle to the rumours.

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