Gmail’s ‘Dynamic Email’ to be rolled out soon – Find out about the features


The feature is currently available only in Gmail on web 

Google, earlier this year, added support for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to Gmail; this allowed it to create interactive content which worked inside Gmail itself.

These ‘dynamic emails’ now allow users to work around any action within the email without leaving their current screen. Now, in a latest update, Google has announced that starting July 2 it will introduce these dynamic emails to all Gmail and G Suite users. Currently, this feature is only available in beta.

Essentially, these dynamic emails allow companies to edit and perform different functions like RSVP for events, fill out simple forms, etc, inside the emails. Also, this feature will allow Google Docs users to view and track comments posts on a document directly in Gmail instead of separate email alerts.
As per Google, this feature is currently available only in Gmail on web, but there will be support for mobile in the near future.

Different companies like and Pinterest have already signed up to offer interactive content to their users on Gmail. While will be able to alert users about their hotel reservations within the email itself, Pinterest will enable users to save ideas to their boards from within Gmail.
As things stand now, G Suite admins were able to enable the feature for their users. However, starting July, these dynamic email features will be made available to all the users by default. However,  the G Suits admins can disable it for their users if they so want.

Currently, AMP email or dynamic emails are supported on Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari Web browsers on the desktop. It will also be accessible to iOS and Android within the Gmail app once the aforementioned update is rolled out.

In a separate development, Google’s Gmail app has so far been downloaded over 5 billion times on the company’s Play Store – as  spotted by Android Police. YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Search are the other apps which have beached this number.


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