Headline: Inside Google’s secret ‘trashy video’: Huge development revealed

In the recent past, YouTube has faced a lot of flak for not doing enough to clean the mess as far as misleading and fake news videos are concerned. While the company maintains that it is working towards solving the problem, it has definitely clamped down and cleansed the homepage of such videos.

As reported, Google has worked a lot behind the scenes to deploy artificial intelligence software to analyse different footage which are misleading in nature. These clips are subsequently blocked from the home screen of the app.

As per people familiar with the matter, the internal name for this software is the ‘trashy video classifier’. The system, which has not yet been reported, also plays a very important role in attracting and keeping viewers on the homepage of YouTube, and then goes on to build a foundation for different advertisements coming to the service.

This classifier was tested by Google back in 2015 and it was used widely when a series of videos about children circulated online in 2017. It further gained traction when YouTube faced a spate of advertiser boycotts over inappropriate videos which also threatened to dent sales.

The system also will keep an eye on the feedback from the users who report videos which are misleading, clickbait-y and sensational. Also, it will keep a close eye on data related to audience retention, likes, and dislikes.

‘We started testing a clickbait classifier in 2015, which we rolled out broadly in 2016 in order to improve users’ experience,’ the Google spokeswoman said. ‘It looks for titles or thumbnails that misrepresent the content of the video or include offensive language, among other things.’

As of now, this system has been a success as the homepage has got rid of much unpleasant content in order to retain the audience.

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