Here are some of the world’s most vulnerable passwords. Tips on how to make a strong password

People tend to use the same password across different platforms as it helps them remember them, but it is yet another way of privacy infringement.

In the current day and age, the use of passwords and their security is a massive concern. From online shopping to banking, from streaming apps to ordering food online, there is a password tagging along with each of the features and hence, it becomes extremely crucial for users to understand the sanctity of a safe and strong password.

For cybercriminals, who are forever on the prowl, the most commonly used password to hack is ‘123456’. Not very surprisingly, this was also attempted the most to enter the Mumbai cloud server honeypot, as per a by Sophos.

The other passwords which made it to the vulnerable list include 1234, admin, ubnt, and 12345. If UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is to be believed ‘123456’ were appearing in over 23 million passwords.

Also, people tend to use the same password across different platforms as it helps them remember them, but it is yet another way of privacy infringement owing to the fact that even if one password is violated, the rest of the platforms stand exposed.

Now, we have a few tips to offer in order to make your password game strong:

The best and possibly the most assuring way of creating a password is to sprinkle it with numbers, special characters and alphabets. Make it at least characters long and ensure that it is not related to the birthdates of near and dear ones.

Also, we advise you to go for multi-factor authentication for passwords. This security tool adds a secondary layer of protection to accounts in addition to passwords. For instance, Google has a two-factor authentication which requires users to enter a six-digit code which is sent to their registered mobile number.

For people, who find it difficult to remember a host of passwords, they can opt for password managers – Google Chrome has an in-built password manager which can come in really handy. Samsung and Apple also come with tools like Samsung Knox and iCloud Keychain for password protection.

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