How to track lost Android phone using Google Maps

New Delhi: Phone has become a necessity in our lives. It has simplified things that earlier seemed impossible. If someone is asked to name a device without which his life is unimaginable, undoubtedly, it would be a mobile phone. Over time, the dependency on mobile phone has increased to mammoth proportions.

Losing a   mobile phone is the worst nightmare. But thanks to the new technologies, a lost mobile can be easily tracked to its location and we will tell you how.

Google has developed a map-which has the mechanism which is really helpful to find the location of the phone. Google map feature locates the Android OS phone.

You would be able to find your lost phone only if you have a Google account. Virtually, your Google account will work as a tracking service on your phone.

In case you lost your phone, the first thing you should do is hop on your laptop or use a friend’s phone. Log in to your Google account and follow these simple steps:


Click 3 horizontal bar (Top right corner).

Select your ‘Timeline’ option.

Now, you need to select the date on which you want to track the location of your phone. Find the location of the phone on the day when it was lost.

The map will show you the location history.

This will work only if your phone is switched on and GPS is activated.

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