IIT Delhi startup unveils indigenous N95 similar mask: Details, cost

N95 similar mask IIT delh

The demand for N95 masks is forever on the rise and now, an IIT-Delhi startup has developed an indigenous and cheaper solution. As per an IIT-Delhi statement, the ‘Kawach’ mask is at par with the N95 mask in effectiveness, but at the same time, it will cost only Rs 45 a piece.

“The cost of N95 mask used for protection against Covid-19 in India is high, making it unaffordable for the masses. The ‘Kawach’ mask, developed by ETEX, is at par with N95 in terms of fitting and engineered filtration layer that could provide up to 98 percent filtration efficiency (3 micron size particle). The price has been kept affordable so that it can reach the masses for enhanced protection,” IIT-Delhi said in a statement.

The product efficiency has received strong technical inputs from the core textile team in the Department of Textile and Fibre Engineering of IIT Delhi.

“India has several massive challenges ahead – disposal of PPEs (including mask and coveralls) after one-time use and ensuring the minimum use of non-woven technology for PPEs. The ‘Kawach’ mask is a result of our indigenous manufacturing capabilities,” Prof Bipin Kumar of the Textile and Fiber Engineering Department, IIT-D, said.

Not only this, the startup team is also working on prototype of mask so that it can be a washable as well as a reusable product. As per them, this could help meet the demands of the population and the ever-increasing cases.

Apart from this, the team is also looking at other textile technologies in order to develop coveralls and is seeking funding support for the same to scale up the entire process.


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