Internet of Things surrounding us – Big privacy concerns remain

Big privacy

As per an Accenture report, cyber criminals have started targeting the healthcare segment.

We are now surrounded by the Internet of Things (IoTs) in the current day and age, a type of technology which adds the smattering of ‘smart’ to our daily chores. From Amazon Alexa-powered smart speakers to the different fridges which are Wi-Fi-enabled.

Also, now according to ‘IoT India Congress 2018’, India’s Internet of Things market has been estimated to hit $9 billion by 2020. This assumption has been made as IoT will be adopted across all major sectors including telecommunications, agriculture, and homes.

With these estimates, it has become pretty clear that there is a growing interest in this sector, but then the biggest concern facing this sector is privacy. As per an Accenture report, cybercriminals have started targeting the healthcare segment.

“There are definite privacy issues associated with IoT right now. The end user interacts with hardware, with recent instances of the devices recording and transmitting data without user consent. This data is eventually being transferred and stored in remote servers, open to interception during transmission. Additionally, all the devices are interconnected to a single interface/network, thereby putting the entire system at risk if a single device is hacked,” said Rishabh Maheshwari, COO and co-founder at WaveCharge, an IoT company.

So, with IoT becoming such an instrumental part of our daily lives, as per different experts, cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning will help take care of several privacy issues. They have also asked governments to come with strict regulations in order to cater to the concerns.

“Machine learning will play an important part to teach devices to pick up human cues better and avoid recording/transmitting personal data. Companies with access to huge consumer databases, like Google and Amazon need to maintain stringent data protection policies. Government privacy laws and regulation have a huge role to play, particularly to ensure compliance from private entities,” added Maheshwari.


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