Is your Android phone battery draining quickly? This could be the big reason

google bug

Are you an Android user and your battery keeps draining fast? As per a recent finding, Google’s voice assistant is causing serious problems for some Android users as it triggers phrase ‘Ok Google’,  which then leads to waking up of the wrong devices and is also leaving the screen switched on.

As per Android Police writers, they have discovered Google Assistant launching on smartphones when it was used for other devices like Google Home and Pixel Slate. There was one specific incident which involved the user talking to Google Assistant on the Google Home and he did not even realise that it has been activated on his Pixel 3 as well.

Not only this, even after the Google Assistant activity was over the Pixel 3 screen was on for quite some time which caused the draining of battery.

There is also a report which found several users posting similar problems on forums and on Reddit from as early as February 2019. All of these users had the same complaint – they all found the Google Assistant bug in Pixel devices.

Also, there was one OnePlus 6T user who found the phone’s battery drained to 1% with the Assistant’s launch screen still on.

In its support page, Google Assistant states that if you have a Google Home and a phone, only the Google Home should respond to ‘Ok Google’.

It also mentions that there could be few cases when both the wake up to Google Assistant but the Google Home will continue to respond while the phone goes to sleep. Now, these incidents have been reported by multiple users and Google should be concerned with the growing incidents.

Is your battery draining out faster than expected? Perhaps, this could be the reason!

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