It will soon be impossible to uninstall Microsoft Edge


The Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge might soon be impossible to uninstall from Windows devices. It was launched in January this year, the Chromium-based version replaced the older, outdated HTML-version (Edge Legacy). Microsoft will soon push it out for all the users. 

As per a Microsoft blog, once the new browser has been pushed out and the transition is complete, users might not be able to remove Edge Chromium from their computers. Well, at least via the traditional way.

For all intensive purposes, Microsoft Edge can be used to download Google Chrome and then we forget about it. As per statistics, Edge Legacy holds just about 0.98% of the browser market when pitted against Chrome’s 65.89% (as of end of July).

With this new Chromium-based version, Microsoft hopes to gain a little more space in the market. This new version has a number of features which include better speed, performance and security upgrades and brings it more in line with the modern web browser. And well, it has yielded dividends, it has become more used than Mozilla. 

Microsoft plans to force this new browser upon all Windows users as a part of a system update. This update is also going to make it permanent (of sorts) on Windows devices.

In the blog post, Microsoft informed that they want to ensure all Windows customers have the latest Microsoft Edge browser for the performance, privacy and support features it offers. The post goes on to add that the new version of the Edge will be included in a Windows system update, thus the option to uninstall it or use the older legacy version will not be available.

Although, the new version of the browser has found good traction, the inability to uninstall will surely annoy a lot of users.

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