Lo and behold – Internet goes crazy with new viral challenge


This is what the internet does to you, it gives you the opportunity to be even food inside of a microwave.

For all its great virtues, the Internet remains a rather bizarre place. Amidst the meandering pace of life, all of a sudden, without any notice, trends pop up which gain momentum rapidly and become a craze, a challenge which hooks people on.

In the news recently is the microwave challenge, well, yes, if you have always wondered what goes on inside the microwave once you’ve placed the food in, this is your challenge to revel in the attention. A person needs to sit on the floor, and twist and turn to imitate food being heated inside a microwave.

It is right, so shrug off the odd mannerisms and come on board!

Originally, this challenge originated on the viral video-sharing app ‘Tik-Tok’ in February. But now the insanity seems to have spread to Twitter as well. Now, this is what the internet does to you, it gives you the opportunity to be even a food inside of a microwave.

This is not the only challenge which has gone viral in recent times. Before this Microwave challenge, there was the Triangle Dance Challenge which had social media users hopping all over the place as they tried to master it.

According to Know Your Meme, it all started when TikTok user @djtaylortot, who last month uploaded a video which was set to a song by Japanese music artist Joji called “Slow Dancing in the Dark.” The video showed @djtaylortot sitting down and then spinning along on the ground in a symphony. The views kept escalating to more than 33,000 views and more than 67,000 likes.


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