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Did YouTube violate privacy of children?

In a major development, YouTube has done away with direct messaging service. Well, this was not the most popular way to chat for a large number of users, but well, now it has been shunned. “In August 2017, YouTube introduced a ‘Messages’ feature for its mobile apps and later the web. Two years later, the Google video site announced that it’s killing the built-in chatting functionality next month.

“The direct messaging feature is a quick way to share videos directly on YouTube. It supports both individual and group conversations, with the last major update in May 2018 when YouTube Messages was rolled out to the web,” as per a new report in 9to5Google.

As a replacement, Google has now advised users to link in other social networks. YouTube killing Messages might not cause any flutter, but well, only after this feature has ceased, have users come to know about the existence that messaging was present on YouTube.

In other regulations, YouTube officials are all set to roll out “targeted” advertisements as far as videos catered to kids are concerned. This move will have a massive impact on the ad sales, but the company has said they are prepared for this move.

It needs to be mentioned here that the Federal Trade Commission has looked into whether or not YouTube did breach the Children’s Online Privacy Act (COPPA). Once the results were out, the agency reached a settlement with YouTube, but the terms of settlement have not been released. It is not clear if YouTube’s changes to ad targeting are a result of the settlement.

There has also been no official word from YouTube. A spokeswoman for the FTC declined to comment. Also, as things stand now, the agency is expected to levy a multimillion-dollar fine. The platform has gone on record to say that their primary site is not for children. However, there are nursery rhymes and cartoon videos on the main site that continue to get billions of views.

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