Mozilla Firefox hits back, as turf war continues with Twitter – Details

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The turf war between Twitter and Firefox rages on. Firefox has responded to Twitter’s claims that the web browser stores users’ cached data for a time period of seven days.

Eric Rescorla, Firefox’s chief technology officer responded in a blog and said that Twitter had singled out Firefox in its report. “…why is this just Firefox?,” he wrote in the blog post adding, “There is a standard way to ensure that data isn’t cached, but until recently Twitter didn’t use it, so they were just dependent on non-standard behavior on some browsers.”

He also said that all web browsers “store local copies of data they get from servers so that they can avoid downloading the same data over the internet repeatedly.” While this is not a problem for people who are using their personal computers, it can be quite problematic for users who use a public system as the cached data can be accessed by other people as well even if users have logged out of Twitter. “If you do nothing, the data will be automatically deleted after 7 days the next time you run Firefox,” he added.

What did Twitter say?

The altercation started when Twitter in a blog post talked about Firefox’s browser cache retention time and went on to add that this aforementioned issue did not impact people who access Twitter using other browsers like Safari or Chrome.

“If you use, or have used, a public or shared computer to access Twitter, we encourage you to clear the browser cache before logging out, and to be cautious about the personal information you download on a computer that other people use,” Twitter added in its post.

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