Netflix’s cheaper mobile-only subscription plans to launch in India soon: Check out!

Netflix got no chill!

Popular streaming platform Netflix, on Thursday, announced its plans to launch cheaper mobile-only subscription plans in India. This aforementioned plan was tested with a few select users in India over the recent past and now, Netflix says the newer mobile-only plans will go live by end of the third quarter.

“The mobile plan will be launched in India in Q3. We will share more details soon,” said Netflix in a statement.

The announcement was made after Netflix started trials of a weekly mobile-only plan priced at Rs 65 in India. However, these plans have few conditions attached to it. Users can stream the content on their mobile phone or tablet but only one screen at a time. Although Netflix is offering its full catalogue to mobile-only users, it doesn’t support HD or Ultra HD content.

This could well be the response to the latest techARC survey, in which Netflix is lagging behind Amazon’s Prime Video in India.

“Amazon Prime Video has a slightly better penetration than Netflix. Prime Video penetration is 15% compared to 13% of Netflix. This is a result of Amazon’s close relationship with some Smartphone OEMs where Amazon apps like Amazon Shopping and Amazon Prime Video come pre-embedded or pre-loaded in the device. However, the delta does not commensurate the tie-ups Amazon has compared to Netflix which doesn’t have any such relationship with a Smartphone OEM,” said the survey.

These plans are part of Netflix’s recent efforts to spread its wings and tap India’s growing internet user base. It plans to acquire about 100 million users in India alone. If Netflix’s own assessment is to be believed, the streaming platform has added about 2.7 million subscribers in the second quarter, which is significantly lower than the original projection of 5 million. Currently, the platform has overall 158 million subscribers and these proposed cheaper plans can help Netflix turn things around in the third quarter.

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