Now have deep conversations with Alexa – Major update expected soon


The only way to make smart assistants really smart is to give it eyes and let it explore the world

Alexa by Amazon has become omnipresent, it has made its presence everywhere in recent times. From the company’s Echo range of speakers to the air purifiers which has been named Dyson, Alexa can do just about anything you ask it to do. And now people are looking at having a long drawn out conversation with Alexa – and Amazon is now trying to come with a solution for the same, by giving it a robot body.

Rohit Prasad, who is Amazon’s head scientist of the Alexa artificial-intelligence group, was recently speaking at the MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital AI conference and said that they are planning to make Alexa smarter by giving her a robot body.

“The only way to make smart assistants really smart is to give it eyes and let it explore the world,” Prasad said at the conference in San Francisco.

Prasad also said that Alexa cannot have a proper conversation with people as language hold different context and can be interpreted in many ways and hence, it becomes difficult to comprehend. “Language is complicated and ambiguous by definition. Reasoning and context have to come in,” he said in an interview to MIT before the conference.

It needs to be mentioned here that some Alexa-enabled devices do have eyes, or cameras, which in turn does allow Alexa to see the real world as it is. But a robot body would be entirely different.

Now Alexa does have a significant advantage over human brains as it is able to access vast reserves of date available online which also involves gathering information which is contextual when it answers queries. However, Prasad believes that the only way Alexa can be used when answering queries which involve deep understanding and common sense, it needs eyes and having a robot body which will allow it to explore the world all by itself.


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