OnePlus TV: OnePlus CEO drops massive hint about price and strategy ahead of launch

oneplus tv

It was expected that OnePlus TV will be cheaper than other brands

OnePlus is now looking to branch out and after having made its presence felt in the premium smartphone segment, it is all set to dabble into the smart TV segment. The new portfolio, which is called OnePlus TV, will be launched in India next month. As things stand right now, the company has started dropping details of the latest device.
There were a lot of rumours which suggested that the new flagship TV brand would be priced lower than the existing products – which include Samsung, but now, when the first indications are dropped, it seems as if the price will not be as low as expected.
As per CEO Pete Lau, the new OnePlus TV will come with a 55-inch QLED screen. It should be mentioned here that currently, Samsung uses QLED for quantum-dot LED screen technology – and this one is believed to be an extension to the contemporary OLED screen. The two technologies are very different. The QLED is an upgraded version of LCD screens.
“In terms of pricing, we want to benchmark against the most premium products available in the market, which means we are benchmarking against Samsung and Sony,” Lau told Gadgets360. “Because of the strategic partnership with Amazon, our price may be slightly cheaper than their [Sony and Samsung] products, but it won’t be half the price.”
“We are going to focus on the premium positioning, and we are only focusing on the flagship premium positioning. As I mentioned, we want to benchmark our products against Samsung and Sony — those high-end premium products and we don’t necessarily benchmark against some lower-tier products,” he added.
OnePlus is pinning all hopes on “premium” and “quality” experience which will help the company in the segment.
“If I want to highlight one feature, it will be premium quality plus great user experience. I want to highlight that we have really great content Internet experience. As I mentioned, we benchmark against Sony’s sound quality and Samsung’s image quality — so we are taking advantage of our competitors’ advantages, and then we compare our advantages to their advantages, and make their advantage to become ours,” Lau said.

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