Phone could be accelerating the ageing process of your skin – Here’s how

Phone could be accelerating the ageing process

At a time and age when our days begin and end with us gasping at the screens of our phones, computers and television, a latest study has revealed that continued and prolonged exposure to blue light, which emanates from all the aforementioned devices, might affect the longevity or accelerate the ageing process. This will happen even when the screen isn’t directly shining in your eyes.

This study and its findings were published in the journal – Ageing and Mechanisms of Disease – and it suggests that the blue wavelengths produced by light-emitting diodes is one of the big factors which causes damage to cells in the brain as well as retinas.

The researchers examined how flies responded to daily 12-hour exposure to blue LED light – which was extremely similar to the prevalent blue wavelength in devices like phones and tablets — and the result which came out found that the light did indeed accelerated ageing.

Now as per the findings, the flies exposed to blue light showed damage to their retinal cells and also to brain neurons and had impaired locomotion. Not only this, the ability of the flies to crawl out of the walls of the enclosures was highly diminished.

“The fact that the light was accelerating ageing in the flies was very surprising to us at first. We’d measured the expression of some genes in old flies, and found that stress-response; protective genes were expressed if flies were kept in the light. We hypothesised that light was regulating those genes. Then we started asking, what is it in the light that is harmful to them, and we looked at the spectrum of light,” said lead researcher Jaga Giebultowicz, a professor of integrative biology.

So what we are basically inferring is that too much exposure to radiating blue lights is extremely detrimental to the well-being, so chuck that phone away at night, close your eyes and try to use it only when absolutely needed. Or, get old rather quickly!

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