Sony makes ‘wearable air conditioner’ a thing: Explaining how the device works


Currently, it is only available for men; Because women are too hot to handle!

Climate change is one of the biggest travesties staring humanity in the face currently and with elongated heat waves being the norm, the use of air conditioners at all times has become a necessity. As such, a ‘wearable air conditioner’ is now extremely close to seeing the light of the day. Sony has launched a crowd funding project for such a device to help everyone survive the hot summer.

As technology keeps on advancing, Sony has developed a wearable air conditioner called REON POCKET which is aimed at keeping you cool during the ever-increasing temperatures. This has been reported by Techgenyz.

Now this proposed device can be worn and it can be controlled by your smartphone which then makes it extremely portable.

As per the report, Sony’s Reon Pocket is a device which will help the user to get help not only from the oppressing summer heat, but will also act as a relief during the pinching winters. This device can be kept in a small bag and can also be worn on the back of the neck with dedicated underwear and can be controlled with an application, specifically through a mobile phone as per the needs of a user.

The inner wears for the wearable air conditioners come in all sorts of sizes and can be availed in S, M, and L sizes but, as of now, it is made for only for men. There is a pocket at the back which helps in inserting the device.

The aforementioned device will be powered by a lithium-ion battery which allows it to be used for the entire day. Also, it is a light-weight device which measures approximately 54 x 20 x 116mm and supports Bluetooth 5.0 LE connected phones.

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