This how Facebook cannot track you online – All thanks to Firefox 74 update


For people who value privacy – and well we all do, there is good news in store as Firefox’s version 74 could well make it difficult for people’s Facebook’s history to be tracked. This new browser version will ask the users to install Facebook Container add-on by default.

It should be mentioned here that this new add-on is not new but the implementation will come as a much-needed option for several users. The Facebook Container blocks the social media giant from tracking users simply by blocking features and this includes Facebook logins, likes and comments on the third-party websites.

Also, what the add one does is that it creates a buffer between the end users and other Facebook services. These include the main website, Messenger and Instagram. Also, when the user visits Facebook and logs in, the cookies are isolated and kept inside the container.

This is how Facebook Container describes the add-on: “The Facebook buttons that appear on shopping, news and other sites contain trackers that tell Facebook where you’ve been on the web. Even if you never use these buttons to like or share, the trackers can still collect data about your browsing. Facebook Container blocks these trackers.”

There are other features too – other than this, the updated version of the browser also includes DNS-over-HTTPS and this essentially blocks the third parties from snooping on what websites have been browsed over time.

We should also mention here that the tech sends the domain name that you have typed in the address bar to a DNS server by putting into use HTTPS encryption instead of the plain text. ZDNET mentioned that this feature will kick in Firefox US users.

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