This LED face mask lets you customise your messages and light it up


Owing to the ongoing Pandemic, face masks have become an intrinsic part of the attire and hence, there are more than just become more than just a cover as they need not be too boring and unimpressive to the designer domain. For instance, there is a cool LED face mask which has been designed by fashion entrepreneur Chelsea Klukas of Lumen Couture.

Klukas is now planning to add some tech to make them more fun. Speaking to The Verge, Klukas said that she had components lying around and hence, she has been trying to put together a quick DIY YouTube tutorial on how to make these masks. Immediately after this video went viral and there were people asking Klukas to make ready-to-wear masks.

These LED masks come with dual-layer cotton and mesh along with a chargeable LED Flex Panel. These panels can be removed in order to be sanitized and cleaned. The mask comes with a battery as well as a charging cord.

These masks designed by Klukas is priced at cost $95 ( which translates to ₹7,086 approx) and can be brought from the Lumen Couture site. The fashion designer went on to add that she was not trying to make a profit out of the pandemic and that Lumen Couture would donate the proceeds which will be made from the sale of the masks through June, about $5,000 ( ₹3,72,962 approx), to the World Health Organisation’s Covid-19 relief fund.

It should be mentioned here that these masks have gained traction from a wide diverse of clientele than Klukas was expecting and more men are interested in the masks as compared to women. Klukas added that she thinks having masks with these LED components allows people to walk around with a statement wardrobe.

The app will allow people to control the panel and has a microphone input and hence, people wearing it can display the several social distancing messages like – “Stand back” or “6 feet” – and well, these things are hard to voice out with masks on with mouths and noses covered.


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