This Noida Restaurant is one of a time experience – Soar high, literally, and eat your food

Noida fly dining

Fly Dining is a luxurious dining set-up where people dine 50 meters above the ground

There is much more to Noida than just clustered streets and honking cars. Away from the never-ending hustle, there is a restaurant which is grabbing eyeballs for all the right reasons. Fly Dining is a luxurious dining set-up where people dine 50 meters above the ground on a structure which hangs from a crane. So, before you gulp down food, make sure you are ready to be captivated with the experience.

So, what are the changes? – for starters, the usual chair and tables are done away with and they are now replaced with a make-believe dining table structure. This can accommodate about 24 people. Now, there are four people hovering all over and these will cater to your needs. All this while, you will be taken for a spin and you can sit back and enjoy the views of the city right from the top.

As far as the cuisines are concerned, both vegetarian and non-vegetarians cuisines are on the menu. Plenty of options will be up for grabs and hence, you can dive deep and enjoy the delicacies. And do not worry, the structure is built from a high-grade metal platform and this one is secured by aircraft standard seats. Also, there are belts, so your safety is taken care of.

This entire structure has been designed as per German norms, and all the platforms and seat belts, as well as the cranes, have been tested and they also been put through different tests to ensure maximum safety of the guests and employees.

Well, what if nature calls? Do not panic, the structure is lowered to the ground level and you will be left alone to take the washroom break.
Location: Gardens Galleria Mall, Noida
Timings: 6 PM – 11 PM

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