Verizon launches Yahoo Mobile phone service


Verizon is all slated to launch a Yahoo-branded mobile phone service called Yahoo Mobile in a bid to tap into the consumers’familiarity with the Yahoo brand and this could also give a great headstart to a new wireless provider.

Yahoo Mobile works off Verizon’s network and currently offers only a single plan – this is the unlimited LTE data for $40 per month and this includes a subscription to Yahoo Mail Pro. Not only this, Verizon levies $65 per month for a prepaid unlimited plan, and AT&T charges $45 per month.

This new attempt could well another lazy waft at doing something with the flagging brand: now it should be mentioned here that the Yahoo Mobile is essentially nothing new, but only a rebranded version of Visible, which is another spinoff phone service operated by Yahoo.

Verizon purchased Yahoo close to three years ago and the deal was closed with Yahoo brand and major web services like Flickr and Tumblr. But Verizon was singularly focused Yahoo’s ad technology, but it has done bare minimum with Yahoo since the purchase. Both Flickr and Tumblr have since been sold off, and Yahoo’s biggest announcements have simply been payouts for the several data breaches.

We should also inform here that the spinoff carriers like Yahoo Mobile and Visible let Verizon allows it to extend its business and to also test out new ways of selling wireless service. Now, Verizon does not enjoy great confidence with audience, but its branding and a flat and simple pricing structure — something that might appeal to younger customers keeps it afloat.

Yahoo Mobile has another take on this and this has extremely appealing added perk of which is the subscription of Yahoo Mail.

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