Why is Pokemon Go banning some Xiaomi phone users – Reason revealed

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Several Xiaomi phone users are seemingly outraged over mysterious bans that have restricted them from accessing and playing Pokemon Go. These aforementioned users have largely reported on various social media channels that they’re facing account suspensions. Not only this, they are also reporting permanent closures of their accounts on the Pokemon Go game for no real reason.

Also, developer and publisher Niantic is currently looking into the reports it received from the users. Having said this, Xiaomi has not yet made any formal announcement on the issue which could well mean that there are few differences between Xiaomi’s latest MIUI build and anti-cheating measures of the game which has resulted in the bans.

The affected users who are majorly reporting this run MIUI and MIUI Global Stable ROM on the Redmi 5, Redmi Note 5, Redmi Note 5 Pro, Redmi 5 Plus, Redmi 6, and Redmi Note 7.

“It’s very sad that players have to lose their Pokemon Go accounts because of errors in the system. I’m so disappointed,” one of the affected users posted the message on Reddit.

Earlier this month, Niantic did acknowledge the receipt of user reports which highlight the bans and even highlighted the fact that the systems are raising a flag whenever a user is on Xiaomi’s GameTurbo feature. The company, in its official statement, has announced that it is still investigating the issue.

“As an update to our investigation into players using Xiaomi devices, we are continuing to investigate these reports, and revising punishments and Strike counts where appropriate. Thank you for your patience,” the company said in the statement posted on Twitter.

However, Xiaomi has not yet made a public statement with regards to the issue. We will keep track of all the latest updates and will come back when the company does offer a statement.


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