Will we be ready for life on Mars? NASA scientist offers interesting theory

Scientists may have found life on Mars

 Scientists may have found life on Mars


Although Nasa is extremely close to finding life on Mars, as per Dr Jim Green, who is the space agency’s chief scientist, the world is not ready for the “revolutionary” impacts of the discovery. As per Green, two rovers from Nasa and the European Space Agency (ESA) are very close to finding evidence of life within months of arriving on Mars in March 2021.

“It will start a whole new line of thinking. I don’t think we’re prepared for the results,” he told The Sunday Telegraph. “I’ve been worried about that because I think we’re close to finding it and making some announcements.”

Dr Green further added if life is indeed discovered on Mars, it will give scientists a new set of questions to explore.

“What happens next is a whole new set of scientific questions. Is that life like us? How are we related?” he said. “Can life move from planet-to-planet or do we have a spark and just the right environment and that spark generates life – like us or do not like us – based on the chemical environment that it is in?”
If the recent studies and researches are anything to go by, planets which were previously thought to be uninhabitable could well have been inhabited as they could have had suitable conditions for living. Also, earlier this year, scientists did discover a vast and active system of water which ran under the surface of Mars.

“There is no reason to think that there aren’t civilisations elsewhere because we are finding exoplanets [planets outside the solar system] all over the place,” Green said about the findings.
These comments make all the sense as it came just 24 hours before Elon Musk unveils a SpaceX spacecraft which is specifically designed to carry crew and cargo to Mars as well as other planets in the solar system before returning to Earth.

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