Windows 10 apps may get big design change this year


Microsoft has made all the claims when it announced that the Windows 10 platform could well be the most advanced one. It means that the company might not be launching any successive OS versions any time soon.

Now, we will see a number of changes and there could be tweaks made to polish the Windows 10. Among the many changes is the design upgrade that has kept Microsoft busy for a long time now. We are saying what these changes could be going forward. The company is changing how apps look in their dynamic state and there would be a number of changes to several small elements in the design.

As per the proposal document which was posted by Microsoft on GitHub and it was spotted by WindowsLatest, the big UI refresh in Windows 10 might arrive sometime in 2021. The changes have been mentioned in the proposal right now and this means that there is no testing which is going on right now.

Apart from this, there will also be changes to the ListView, GridView, and majorly to the XAML apps that are available from the Windows Store.

Another major change to Windows 10 came last year when Microsoft began testing the new Start menu and there will be a number of other elements. Microsoft has replaced the solid colours behind the logos on the tiles in the Start menu and it will have a transparent background with uniform colour.

As per Microsoft, this new design is for the Start Menu is more in line with the company’s Fluent Design in icons for Office and Microsoft Edge. There are other native apps such as Calculator, Calendar, and more. At the same time, all this is more streamlined look that borrows its elements from the update to Windows 10 which will be introduced in February.

Both these light and dark modes will be supported by the new design, as well. However, at the same time, Microsoft will also allow to customise the Start menu with their choice of colour. The colour customisation will only work with the dark mode and users can set colours by delving into Settings, then Personalization, and finally, the Colour settings.

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