Working from home? Here are easy ways to improve the Wi-Fi speed


The coronavirus outbreak has shut down the entire world and it has forced most of us to work from our homes. And this is when good Wi-Fi connection is an absolute must. However, there are plenty of times when despite having a proper broadband plan, we do not get the proper Wi-Fi signal on our devices. Hence, here in this article, we take a look at how can fix your Wi-Fi speed.

​Disconnect all devices you don’t need Wi-Fi on from your router

If you want to ensure best possible speed for your laptop or any other work device, you can disconnect all the devices which do not need to be on a Wi-Fi connection as this will help you clamp down on unnecessary bandwidth consumption.

Right placement of the routers

If possible, try to place the Wi-Fi router away from walls as there could be instances when WiFi signals may have trouble penetrating them. Hence, in order to make sure that the router has some breathing space, keep it away from metal appliances like refrigerators.

Use multiple SSID with limited bandwidth

We advise you to create multiple SSID (service set identifier). SSID essentially identifies your Wi-Fi network to users and other Wi-Fi devices. This is why you have to allocate a definite amount of speed to devices. Not only this, you can also give slightly more bandwidth to your work devices as compared to others. What this will ensure is that it will at least have a minimum assigned speed all the time.

Use LAN cable if you are close to the router

Now, if the router is close by and if there is a long LAN cable always opt for the cable as when it comes to speed, nothing tops the ethernet connections.

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