World Telecommunication and Information Society Day: Tips to ensure safety of your phone

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The world is locked down and hence, digital communication has found far more traction than ever before. As we celebrate the ‘World Telecommunication and Information Society Day’, we need to understand that while tech and digital space has kept us connected, we have to also secure our phones and guard against any breach in privacy.

We then speak about the most obvious question – Are the phones safe?

Well, this question does not have any specific answers, but here are few pointers which need to checked.

One of the most important ways to guard against any breach is to not set passwords of their phone along the lines of “12345” or “Password”, as these are quite generic and they can be easily guessed by anyone. One has to make the password a potent combination of characters. Also, please do add an extra layer of security like a fingerprint scanner to be safe at all times.

We have a number of different applications on our phone and hence, we ask you to always keep a security layer by putting a password for specific apps. For example, there needs to passwords for apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and the Email apps.

Also, please stay away from any unofficial source of apps as they are biggest source of hackers and malware. No one quite knows the source of the unofficial apps and hence, this carries a great risk of being attacked by malwares.

We all love a free Wi-Fi and yes, we all love a great public network, but it needs to be understood here that there is risk attached to these privileges. One needs to know that hackers tend to use the same Wi-Fi network which can then breach the security of your device. Hence, use your 4G network as much as possible and opt for a wi-fi network only when it is absolutely necessary.

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