Xiaomi introduces Mi Air Charge, wireless charging from across the room

Mi Air Charge

Xiaomi has introduced Mi Air Charge technology. As per the company, “remote charging technology” will have the capability to charge multiple devices simultaneously and it will also be able to recharge a smartphone that’s being used, “while walking around or even when something’s in the way”.

The company goes on to explain how the technology works in a blog post. The transmitter looks quite large, as large as perhaps a living room side-table next to a couch. And this transmitter will be able to provide a 5W charge wirelessly to a smartphone.

It should be mentioned here that this kind of charging has nothing to do with the Qi standard. The smartphones need to be outfitted with a “miniaturized antenna array with built-in ‘beacon antenna’ and ‘receiving antenna array’.” It has 14 antennas which will be able to convert a millimeter wave signal that’s emitted by the charging pile. And, the signal can then be converted into electric energy through a rectifier circuit.

As things stand right now, Xiaomi’s remote charging technology will be able to charge multiple devices with a 5W current within a radius of “several meters”. Xiaomi also explains that physical objects will not reduce the charging efficiency, but this must have some caveats.

Xiaomi drops a teaser as per which, Mi Air Charge tech would be eventually compatible with smartwatches, fitness bands, and other wearables.

“Soon our living room devices, including speakers, desk lamps, and other small smart home products, will all be built upon a wireless power supply design, completely free of wires, making our living rooms truly wireless,” Xiaomi said in its blog post.

Now, there is no release date that has been offered for the Mi Air Charge system and it’s not known if such technology would ever make it to the consumer market. However, we do now that it will be quite expensive as and when it arrives. Also, it will be interesting to see more such innovations like this in the future. 

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