YouTube experimenting with shopping links within videos: Report

YouTube experimenting with shopping links within videos

As per reports, YouTube might soon introduce shopping links within videos. The popular video streaming platform has been experimenting with embedding links inside videos which as per the platform, will help sellers as well as viewers.

Currently, the platform uses links in the form of cards and banners as they are looking to help creators interact with the audience and provide relevant references through other YouTube videos.

The introduction of shopping links with bolster YouTube’s ability which will provide direct access to shopping material.

As per a report by Engadget, a few viewers on YouTube have claimed to have spotted a shopping bag icon which is placed on the bottom left corner of the screen. If users tap on this icon, then we can see the list of the items which will be featured in the videos.

The report goes on to suggest that now only a few select creators will be a part of the pilot program to access direct shopping links within a YouTube video. The pilot program will be showing up for US YouTube viewers on Web, Android, and iOS.

The new feature, if and when it is launched, will help creators and influencers provide readily available shopping links. As things stand now, numerous creators will use the description box under the video which will provide relevant links which vary from relevant references to even shopping sites.

As per Mashable, the feature will help to prove to be useful and convenient, especially with the growing number of instructional videos on YouTube. So, as opposed to having to scroll through the video description to hunt for links to mentioned ingredients or materials, one can directly click on the link. And yes, YouTube is likely to benefit from such a system, monetarily or otherwise. 

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