YouTube witnesses 80% growth, launches brand new tools for advertisers


There’s been an 800% (year-on-year) increase globally as far the number of people watching ad-supported and purchased movies on the Google-owned YouTube. There has been a 125% increase in TV shows and 250% in live content.

Also, the overall watch time has jumped 80% (YoY) in social distancing times, and the platform is seeing a different user behaviour when people engage with YouTube on the TV screen, as per the company which released a statement.

Great demand for new, original content

“It is often enjoyed with others, unlike the more individual experience on the mobile device. In a recent custom Nielsen study commissioned by Google, we found that 26% of the time, multiple 18+ viewers are watching YouTube together on the TV screen, compared to 22% on linear TV,” said Debbie Weinstein, Vice President, Global Video and YouTube Solutions.

After this announcement and after this growing trend, YouTube announced a number of tools – and this includes Brand Lift measurement on the TV screen and offers more flexible formats for content which is casted onto the TV screen. This, they expect, will help advertisers find their what is best for them in this ever-changing environment.

“As people spend more time at home, we’re seeing major shifts in streaming viewership. A recent Comscore report highlighted that over 70 million US households are now streaming content on their connected TV screens,” Weinstein goes to add.

Freshly-brewed content, new informative videos are proving to be quite an attractive proposition for people and hence, YouTube creators are uploading new content almost every day.

In fact, over 60% of signed-in viewers of YouTube on TV screens have watched a video published over the last 7 days.

YouTube has also informed that they were accelerating the launch of Brand Lift for YouTube on TV screens. “This will enable marketers to make informed decisions about ad performance, and better optimize streaming campaigns in real time whether they are using Google Ads or Display & Video 360 for both reservation and auction campaigns,” said YouTube.

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