Researcher raises security alarm over iPhone 11 pro collecting data – Find details

There have been a number of security concerns with the different platforms and operations in the
recent times. As such, Apple has taken the lead for bringing on board a number of extremely cool
security features on its devices. When pitted against Android, the users enjoy more control and can
also keep track of things which are being shared.
However, things are not as honky-dory, if a researcher is to be believed. There are concerns over
Apple’s new flagship devices – the iPhone 11 Pro – and there are reports that they have collecting
data “even when it’s not supposed to”.
Taking to his blog, security researcher Brain Krebs explains: “One of the more curious behaviours of
Apple’s new iPhone 11 Pro is that it intermittently seeks the user’s location information even when
all applications and system services on the phone are individually set to never request this data.”
Some problems while turning off data
It needs to be mentioned here that Apple allows the users to turn off location services on the iPhone
quite easily. All one needs to do it to go to Settings, click on Privacy, pick Location Services and turn
it off. There are a whole bunch of apps which rely on location data for functionality and hence,
turning off location services is not ideal.
Hence, as a next step, Apple also has the provision of allowing you to turn off location services for
apps individually from System Services.
“There are some location services on this model (and possibly other iPhone 11 models) which
request location data and cannot be disabled by users without completely turning off location
services,” Krebs further added.
Now, this is not something which is new. iPhone users flagged a similar issue on iOS 13 but as per
Krebs, this did not happen on iPhone 8.
Apple has sprung into action and said that it was a “feature” and not “a bug”. Kerbs was informed by
an engineer from Apple that the “does not see any actual security implications” in this and that it is
“expected behaviour”.

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